1911 USGI

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1911 Compensator Bushing 1911 Hammer Checkered 1911 Hammer Ribbed
1911 Compensator Bushing1911 Hammer Checkered1911 Hammer Ribbed

1911 Compensator Bushing. New. While not a USGI Part, these things do work (I have one on one of my target guns). If your gun is mil spec it just drops right in and replaces the standard bushing. If your gun is a national match for example, and...

1911/1911A1 Hammer. Checkered. Regular Spur. Colt Prod. Blued or Parked.

1911 Hammer. USGI Standard. Ribbed. Blued only.





1911 Hammer Strut 1911 Ithaca Serrated Thumb Safety 1911 Magazine (Taiwanese Mfg.)
1911 Hammer Strut1911 Ithaca Serrated Thumb Safety1911 Magazine (Taiwanese Mfg.)

1911 USGI Hammer Strut (Looks to be Colt Mfg)

1911 Ithaca Thumb Safety (Serrated). All parkerized.

Only have a few of these. Found them along with some USGI Colt 1911A1 stuff in the back of the warehouse. Look new and ready to complete any collectors Ithaca.

1911 Magazine. Taiwanese made magazine. Less expensive and still reliable. OUT OF STOCK






1911 Main Spring Housing Arched Checkered 1911 Main Spring Housing Arched Grooved 1911 National Match Barrel Bushing
1911 Main Spring Housing Arched Checkered1911 Main Spring Housing Arched Grooved1911 National Match Barrel Bushing
1911 Main Spring Housing Arched Checkered. Limited numbers in stock. Found in box packed away for 30 years and stored in oil. Excellent condition. Blued Only OUT OF STOCK

1911 Main Spring Housing Grooved. Parkerized only. Lanyard loop already installed. Retaining pins and springs not included.


1911 Classic National Match Barrel Bushing. All bushings marked: 7267718 N M Just found a buried box of about 20 of them, stored in oil! Cool find. Get them while they last.





1911 Spring Plug 1911 USGI Barrel Bushing 1911 USGI Firing Pin Stop
1911 Spring Plug1911 USGI Barrel Bushing1911 USGI Firing Pin Stop

1911 Spring Plug. USGI Unissued. Blued. Have indent option available for 1911A1 for $2.00 more.

1911 USGI Barrel Bushing. Blued or parked.

1911 Firing Pin Stop. USGI Colt Mfg. Unissued NOS, comes packed in cosmoline. Blued only.