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AK-47 Bolt Carrier and Piston AK-47 Bolt Head East German 22lr AK-47 Trainer Magazines
AK-47 Bolt Carrier and PistonAK-47 Bolt HeadEast German 22lr AK-47 Trainer Magazines

Satin/Stainless AK-47 Bolt Carrier/Piston. Great Condition, with only minor wear. Various Manufacture. SEMI AUTO

AK-47 Bolt (head) still wrapped in wax/cosmoline. They are stainless and in excellent condition! Various Manufacture

AK-47 22lr East German/AKT Training rifle magazine. These magazines have a plastic insert that goes into an AK-47 magazine. The insert contains an expanding plastic housing. The mags will ONLY work for East German trainer rifles or imported AKT...




M56 Yugo 32rd mag Nagant Top Hand Guard PPS 43 35rd Magazine
M56 Yugo 32rd magNagant Top Hand GuardPPS 43 35rd Magazine

Yugoslavian M56 32rd Magazine. Good condition, stored in cosmoline.

Russian Nagant 91/30 hand guard. Original unissued stock. Measures 18"

Пистолет-пулемёт Судаева PPS 43 35rd Magazine. Good-Fair condition, with 60-80% finish remaining, and perfect function. 7.62x25mm SOLD OUT




VZ Skorpion 20rd Magazine
VZ Skorpion 20rd Magazine

VZ factory 20rd Magazine. Excellent condition.